Printed Goods

A customer was sending out large volumes of boxed printed material, up to 2,000 pallets per month. To protect the pallets they were using four pieces of edge protection to form a frame around the top boxes on the pallet. They also used four uprights on each of the corners. They had tried self adhesive tape but this was found to damage the printed boxes and so was discounted.

The issue was the time and manpower it took to pack each pallet as they applied the four pieces by taping them together and then inserting the uprights before the pallet was shrinkwrapped.

Each pallet took around five minutes to pack often requiring two packers equating to 330 hours / £4,125 per month.

We considered various options and put forward our new locking tab edgeprotector which was supplied in one length and creased at specific points to fold around the pallet very easily. This was an immediate success.

After initial familiarisation, the packing time was reduced to under three minutes - a 40% time saving and in monetary terms providing a saving of £39,500.