Door and Door Sets

One customer who was moving a heavy board product had issues with the transport companies dropping the product on the corner and damaging the profiled edge.

They were using a foam protector which although giving good protection in storage where product on shelving was having contact, the weight of the product meant the foam showed no protection qualities when dropped.

We looked at the issue closely and as 80% + was sent on courier type transport the problem came with handling where often one man would deliver the product. We suggested the use of our "U Profile" in 3mm thickness.

We conducted on site trials which included drop tests from 100mm up to 300mm and a drag test over 20 metres.

Our U Profile consistently outperformed the current foam product and also a corrugated option the customer was also looking at.

After two months of transit tests the customer switched to the U profile.

Over his annual production not only were his returns reduced by over 70% and the cost of material was reduced by some 45%.