Corner & Edge Protection Products

Corner & Edge Protection Products


These cardboard corner and edge protectors provide a very economical solution appropriate for most applications.

Multiple plies of recycled paper, laminated together and formed into a rigid right angle to make one of the best cardboard edge protectors on the market.

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Angleboard Notched

A perfect low cost solution when you need to reinforce the edge of a curved object.

Due to the notched design, the product is able to follow the contour of the item that it's protecting allowing for a precise fit.

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Strapping Protectors

Strapping Protectors are a cheap and effective way of preventing costly damages and complaints.

Available in a range of widths and thicknesses in lengths from 50mm

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U-Profile / U-Channel

U-shaped cardboard profiles providing a highly cost effective solution for a wide range of edge and long item protection applications.

Recycled and recyclable our U-profile is formed into a rigid 'U' shape, providing exceptional strength and protection to the package.

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U-Profile Corners

U-Profile corners are created by making a notch cut into our standard U-Profile lengths that allows the profile to be folded to form a 90 degree angle.

This ensures that corners are completely protected.

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Unicrates are long lengths of uprofile with notch cuts to allow the product to fold over to create a crate

Unicrates are top loaded which saves packing / despatch time over tubes and wrapping. The square profile also means there is no movement in transport

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U-shaped container, made of laminated board, designed for transporting and storing long items.

The Reddi-Crate® box is made up of a bottom and a top that fit together and can be banded, glued and stapled.

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Tchipgard® Cornerboard

High-strength, moisture resistant corner and edge protectors made of recycled paper cardboard and plastic with a paper outer wrap enabling exposure to moisture for long periods of time without deteriorating.

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High-strength and highly moisture resistant corner and edge protectors made of recycled paper cardboard and plastic developed to overcome problems associated with damp / wet conditions.

Very effective in freezing and cold storage applications.

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Plastic Strips and Angles

Plastic flat strips and angles are manufactured from recycled LDPE. They are completely waterproof and are predominently used within the brick industry for edge and strapping protection but are also suitable for other applications.

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Rigiflex and Polyflex

Strong, durable and completely moisture resistant edge protection made from PE

Available in coils or lengths, the clever notch profiles, patented in the case of Polyflex, offer solutions for the toughest conditions

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Ecotooth is a very functional packaging product ideal for protecting the edges of curved items such as coils and drums

The scoring allows the "teeth" to easily fold over allowing the product to easily wrap in full circle

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Our Flats can offer the ideal spacer solution. They are strong, environmentally friendly and can be used in conjunction with our angleboard product to offer the optimal protective solution

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We can offer paper in roll, coil or sheet format in a variety of grammages and grades

As we only source premium grade material from Europe's leading mills you can be sure of the quality you will receive

Starting from 130g we can offer converted liner grades to suit your requirements

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Slip Sheets

Slip sheets are an innovative and effective alternative to traditional wooden and plastic pallets that offer huge benefits

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Antislip Sheets

Antislip paper sheets, also known as anti-slip, non-slip, grip or grab sheets, stabilise your products and reduce movement between the stacked layers during shipping and handling.

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Airbags/Dunnage Bags

Often when transporting your goods there will be space(s) between the pallets allowing room for movement.

Airbags/Dunnage Bags are used to 'secure' the product to stop movement and therefore stop any damage.

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