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Hard to Handle

Do you have an item that requires protection that is an unusual shape? Or awkward to pack such as long lengths?

Maybe you currently spend a lot of time trying to wrap your product only to find that it is still unsuitable for your couriers or gets damaged in transit.

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Heavy Weight

Do you want to be able increase your pallet height or stack pallets to save storage space or transports costs but find that due to weights of your pallets that your pallet/corner protection just isn't good enough?

This is where angleboard UK can offer a solution to your problems.

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Moisture Resistant

If you have products that are refrigerated, frozen, or exposed to high humidity or the elements such as being shipped on flatbed trucks, via sea freight or just stored outdoors, then you most likely will have experienced problems finding suitable protection.

We can offer a variety of moisture/weather resistant products.

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Pallet Stabilisation

If you suffer damage from goods moving in transit or find that you aren't able to pack product as high as you would like on pallets because they become unstable then angleboard and our related products will provide the solution you are looking for.

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