Metal Tubes

A client who was manufacturing high value metal tubes was having problems with damage and subsequent returns.

As a large proportion were exporting this was becoming a real financial issue. After an initial meeting it was found that approx. 40% of his output was wrapped in corrugated sheets, steel banding was used and then tape was used along the length, the other 60% was sent out in paper tubes using plastic end caps again with tape applied along the length.

Although there were 3 common lengths, 3200mm, 5000mm and 6700mm there were often different lengths required which meant the tubes used were no good as when cut they tended to delaminate so this is where the corrugated wrap was used. They had complained to the haulier about the damage being seen but he attributed blame mainly on the movement of the round tubes during transport. After on site inspection and transport trial the damage on the tubes was due to their instability being round and the weight of the tubes causing them to rupture at times.

Likewise the corrugated wraps applied were subject to other products coming into contact with the packages and the weight in the package moving during transport.

This seemed an ideal application for our transit packaging system "Reddi Crate". Looking at the size of the tubes and quantities sent out the client would need two sizes: 120 x 160 x 120mm and a larger 210 x 240 x 210mm. Weight was a vital consideration but to save cost we offered a 4.8mm top and 9.6mm bottom to support weight. Trials were an immediate success and as Reddi Crates are top loaded this saved packing / despatch time over tubes and wrapping. The square profile meant there was no movement in transport and damage showed a significant reduction. Where shorter lengths of tubes were to be despatched, Reddi Crate can be cut down from standard lengths to suit.

As part of the solution the Reddi Crate tops were printed with customer details and logo making the pack much more professional in its appearance

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