Product Case Studies

Corner & Edge Protection Products Case Studies


We were approached by a customer manufacturing bedroom furniture who was having a number of issues with product damage on a small pedestal unit, attributed to bad handling by haulier and distribution network.
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Baked Goods

This customer manufactures speciality breads and pastries and distributes them directly to several leading supermarkets.
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A manufacturer of heavy automotive components had issues with boxes collapsing when double stacking and due to pallets moving the contents were being damaged and some even protruded through the corrugated cases they were packed in.
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Metal Tubes

A client who was manufacturing high value metal tubes was having problems with damage and subsequent returns.
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Door and Door Sets

One customer who was moving a heavy board product had issues with the transport companies dropping the product on the corner and damaging the profiled edge.
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Printed Goods

A customer was sending out large volumes of boxed printed material, up to 2,000 pallets per month. To protect the pallets they were using four pieces of edge protection to form a frame around the top boxes on the pallet.
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