Pallet Stabilisation

Pallet Stabilisation

If you suffer damage from goods moving in transit or find that you aren't able to pack product as high as you would like on pallets because they become unstable then angleboard and our related products will provide the solution you are looking for.


Angleboard helps secure the pallet load and pallets can be multi-stacked as the weight of the top pallet is taken up by the Angleboard, rather than the goods within the protected pallet. Generally more products can be packaged per pallet, reducing handling and shipping costs and in many instances further cost-downs can be achieved by reducing the carton and packaging specifications, including replacing timber and other like products currently used in the packaging process. This means that it is a cost-effective solution to help minimise packaging costs by helping to maximise the load whilst reducing the potential for damage.


A high-strength, and highly moisture resistant corner post made of recycled paper and plastic. This product can be exposed to moisture for long periods of time without deteriorating.

Used for any application but extensively for export as it gives the strength and moisture protection required for extended periods of time at sea.


High-strength moisture resistant corner manufactured from bonded layers of paper, polythene & cellulose or aluminium laminate (Similar to the material that orange juice cartons are manufactured from) developed to overcome problems associated with damp / wet conditions. Very effective in freezing and cold storage applications.

Antislip Sheets

Antislip paper sheets, also known as anti-slip, non-slip, grip or grab sheets, stabilise your products and reduce movement between the stacked layers during shipping and handling.