Moisture Resistant

If you have products that are refrigerated, frozen, or exposed to high humidity or the elements such as being shipped on flatbed trucks, via sea freight or just stored outdoors, then you most likely will have experienced problems with standard corner protection. Standard protection manufactured from paper & glue easily absorbs moisture so that it loses its strength and rigidity and therefore is unable to give the support required. In some instances where pallets are stacked it can be a health and safety issue if the corner protection buckles and pallets collapse. Even many of the products on the market that offer a "moisture resistant" outer wrap are still made from paper and glue and are therefore subject to the same issues. This is where angleboard UK can offer a solution to your problems.


High-strength moisture resistant corner manufactured from bonded layers of paper, polythene & cellulose or aluminium laminate (Similar to the material that orange juice cartons are manufactured from) developed to overcome problems associated with damp / wet conditions. Very effective in freezing and cold storage applications.


A high-strength, and highly moisture resistant corner post made of recycled paper and plastic. This product can be exposed to moisture for long periods of time without deteriorating. Used for any application but extensively for export as it gives the strength and moisture protection required for extended periods of time at sea.

Plastic Strip & Angles

Plastic flat strips and angles are manufactured from recycled LDPE. They are completely waterproof and are predominently used within the brick industry for edge and strapping protection but are also suitbable for other applications.

Rigiflex and Polyflex

Rigiflex and Polyflex are made from recycled HDPE or LDPE and offer a fantastic tough and waterproof edge protection option. Predominently used within the steel industry but also suitable for other applications